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Circus Artist | Cabaret performer | movement 

Symoné is an interdisciplinary circus and movement artist and international performer with a unique and non-traditional journey into the world of professional performance having began her journey at the age of 17 with The Roundhouse's Youth Circus Programme and made her first moments on stage at the London 2012 Olympic Park.

In 2016, she became a professional performing artist.

Originally studying Anthropology, Symoné's passion for performance eventually took precedence, leading her to become a full-time artist. A testament to her dedication, she has created distinctive theatre work, she draws inspiration from her roots and infusing her work with a blend of skills, exploring notions of body architecture, and themes such as power, queerness, ritual, and human consciousness. In her cabaret shows, Symoné performs skillfully and visually impressive acts, with a camp twist.

A notable feat is Symoné's ability to spin an impressive 50 hula hoops on her body simultaneously and is one of 4 people in the world owning bespoke 6 inch. high heeled rollerskates

Symoné's artistic endeavors span across corporate, commercial, and LGBTQIA+ cabaret spaces globally. Her clientele includes world-renowned names such as Instagram, Peaches, ASOS, Kate Nash, Taylor Mac, Sun Ra's Arkestra, Samsung, La Soirée, Machel Montano, Jon Hopkins, Chris Cox in The West End, and Paul Smith, among others.

As a Guinness World Records Holder, Symoné continues to push boundaries in her field. Currently, she has created several theatre productions, "UTOPIAN (t&c's apply)," "Euphorica,"  and serving as brand ambassador for world popular circus and flow arts companies, Hoopologie and The Spinsterz. She is also on the board of trustees for The Posh Club by award-winning LGBTQIA+ company, Duckie.


Symoné keeps her audience updated on her creative journey through regular posts on Instagram, where followers can find upcoming show announcements and subscribe to her newsletter for more insights into her artistic endeavors.

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