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The exploration of queer-ecology through movement

Euphorica is a queer ritual that explores the infinite pulse, imperfections, and non-binaries found within nature. Like the natural world, humans' are boundless and in a continuous state of exchange, reinvention and renewal, Euphorica celebrates our inner wilderness’ mirroring patterns of connectivity, harmony and underground networks that feed each other. Threading ballet, visual drag, voguing, contemporary dance, juggling and rollerskating together, we invite audiences to join us at sunset to daydream around our time-lapse micro drama of an imaginary woodland.

Performed outdoors in rural nature, botanicals gardens, and forests.
Show duration 20 minutes


Created and Directed by Symoné

Co-directed by Bex Anson and Lou Robbin
Costumes by Mahogany Carnival and Cut a Bitch Designs 

Performed by Symoné, Yos Clark, Rosie Bartley, Zeb Simpson, Sym Mendez, and Johnny Montero

Commissioned by Trigger Stuff and presented at Polinations

PoliNations Iconic Plant Costumes - photo_ Katja Ogrin42.jpg


"Surreal and magical"
- Audience Member



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