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UTOPIAN (t&c's apply)

Can the perfect utopia exist?

UTOPIAN (t's&c’s apply) is a surrealistic circus pop-culture experience. Joined by their accomplice, Symoné takes you on an expedition asking you, "why do people abuse power roles?" With a big pink pole, 6 inch skates, and gender nonconformity.

Join the world of psychedelic pilgrimage. You’ll be safe with us. 

WARNING: This show may or may not contain autobiographical references about cults. 


Conceived and created by Symoné Presented and produced by Stephanie Katie Hunter for Scissor Kick Movement Direction by Yami Lofvenberg Dramaturgy by Louise Orwin and Lou Robbin Performed by Symoné and Tyrone Herlihy Production Assistant: Livvy Lynch Lighting Designer: Amy Daniels Sound Designer: Livvy LynchS hpongle Song Composer: Xana

Logo Designer: Elise Rose Costume Designer: Cut A Bitch Wig Designer: Styled by Vodka

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