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Drag King or Thing with musical or physical performance skills

We are looking for an aspiring or established drag king or drag thing artist with musical or movement based skills to join our R&D and summer tour of outdoor arts festivals in Summer 2023.


[ ON AIR ] Drag Kings n Thingz is a new 20 min outdoor show that aims to sit somewhere between a roving pirate radio station and an underground cabaret exploring themes of fantasy, blaxploitation era and race, pop culture monsters, and B-movie heros as a way to interrogate and celebrate drag, masculinity + non-binaries. Using classic hooks such as newsflashes, call-ins, games shows & 'special guests' transmitted through a surreal and dexterous acts of lip syncing, live interviews, bouffon and dance/circus spectacle- the show aims to be interactive, embrace irreverence and be politically charged. Using the radio show framework, we will go 'under the skin' of our performers who will playfully and sincerely open up discussions around social justice, inclusivity and freedom of expression. We will introduce queer theory perspectives that break apart the various “dualisms” that exist within a heteronormative and capitalist understanding of nature and culture. We’re aiming to fire our audience's imagination and encourage them to actively engage with the reality behind the artists' masks. The show will be co-directed/designed by performance artist Symoné and visual theater director/scenographer Bex Anson in close collaboration with performers.

"Queer performances enable listeners to think beyond straight time and articulate a desire for a different and more queer world" 

- Queerness in Pop Music: Aesthetics, Gender Norms, and Temporality"

The Role

We’re looking for 1 or 2 performers with the following skills;

  1. Movement based practice (i.e. ground based circus, side show circus, flow arts, dance, or physical comedy, and beyond)

  2. Sound design, composing, and/or DJ skills

  3. Or a performer with both of the above skill sets


- An interest in the thematics of [ON AIR] 

 - Brand new or established drag king or drag thing performers who want to experiment with form and character

- Performers that are excited to create work specifically for an outdoor arts context

- Some experience with collaborative devising and performance processes 

- Professionalism and strong communication skills 


- Lipsyncing or vocal skills

Residency & Tour Dates 2023

22nd – 26th January 2023 (Residency in Argyll, Scotland)
4th – 6th August 2023 (Spraoi Festival, Ireland)

11th – 12th August 2023 (Surge Festival, Scotland)

17th – 20th August 2023 (Green Man Festival, Wales)

Extra residency dates Feb-June to be agreed upon with full team.

Please note performers must be available for all the dates. 


£1,000 for two weeks R&D (guaranteed) + £100 per performance day plus

additional travel, Per diems and accommodation covered. Access needs supported (please include this in your application). 
Our plan is to apply for match funding to supplement our R&D phase and extend our timeline.

The project is commissioned by Four Nations Outdoor Arts Bursary 2023


Credit: Drag artist Aquaria


Credit: Lou Henry Hoover

How To Apply

To apply please send all of the following to be considered;
a) A cover letter demonstrating you meet the essentials 
b) Footage of your drag act (rehearsals or on stage), music, or movement based skill
c) Your website, spotlight, or CV 

d) If you have any access requirements, and if so what they are


If you’re a new to drag performing please describe the potential king/thing character

you’d be interested in exploring in and footage of you performing in any context.

You're welcome to apply by video or voice note.

To apply please send your email to -


We are prioritizing LGBTQIA and QTIPOC performers as well as Scottish based artists, however we’re highly interested in artists based in the rest of the UK. This is an excellent opportunity for aspiring or established kings/things to explore their work in more depth in a research and development process within an outdoor context.


Extended Deadline: January 2nd 2022 - by 11:59pm APPLICATIONS ARE NOW CLOSED

Invitations to Interviews: January 3rd - by 5pm

Informal interviews: January 6th 2023

Artists selected: January 10th 2023

Symoné (drag king performer and co-director) is an international alt-circus performer, live artist and director currently based in Folkestone, UK from Washington, DC. As a circus and movement artist, her work is about exploring what circus can be. Her performance fuse her movement based skills, such as high heel roller skates with hula hoops, pole dance, and voguing, in skilled and interactive shows. Since 2016, she has traveled internationally working in 10 different countries with memorable highlights such as rollerskating with Nile Rodgers, performing alongside Peaches, in the Caribbean at Machel Monday Trinidad’s largest concert, and performing on West End stages with Chris Cox and La Soiree. Symoné is a Guinness World Record holder, a members of Pecs Drag Kings, and always has something new up her sleeve to create a sensation. 
Her alter-ego, Barry Badass, is smoozy fella from 1980s Chicago, a character inspired by Blacksploitation films and the civil rights era. Barry owns a queer cabaret club and is a political and outspoken time traveller who has a passion for LGBTQI+, black and sex workers rights. He also has a thing for guns and loves a good farmers market.


Bex Anson (co-director) is a visual theatre director and scenographer based in Glasgow working across dance, circus, outdoor arts and community events. Focused on collective synergy, the crossing of artforms and audience experience Bex's work is rooted in site-specific, immersive productions and passionate collaborations with artists and performers from all walks of life. Her aesthetics and themes are inspired by science fictions, expressionism and lowbrow/pop surrealism. Bex's company MHz scenography has created and toured 5 acclaimed shows since 2016 (KIDX, STRUT, CROWD CTRL, VOID, LIQUID SKY) winning a Total Theatre Award (2018), Made In Scotland Awards (2018, 2019) and a Stomping Ground Commission (2022).

About The Team


Credit: Drag King Dred

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