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opportunities to work in installation r&D phase for
'A dream within a dream'

A Dream Within A Dream (working title) is a sound, movement & light installation piece, using an interactive narrative structure to guide audiences through experience about dreaming.
Fusing circus, video games, interactive technology and theatre and created in collaboration

with Sammy Metcalfe (Sleepwalk Collective).

Game Designer Roles

Symoné is looking for a 3D Character Designer and Unity 3D Generalist Designer for an upcoming videogame / installation experience, A Dream Within A Dream

The Role: 3D Character Designer 
We are looking for a 3D character designer for a small video game built in Unity 3D that
will be part of the installation for A Dream Within a Dream. The character will be based on
a brief and moodboard from the lead artist Symoné. The aesthetic and visual appearance
have already been created.

Please read more about this role here

The Role: Unity 3D Generalist
We are looking for a Unity Creative Generalist with expertise in world building who can
work alongside our lead artist, Symoné, as their right hand person to bring their vision to life. The
role will include some creative aspects like simple puzzle design.

Please read more about this role here. 


How To Apply

To apply, please send a cover letter, examples of your work and a copy of your CV. Send your application to

Deadline for applications extended: Thursday 19th October, 5pm UK.

If you would like to talk to us about the role before applying, please contact us on the email above.

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