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[ON AIR] is a 20 min outdoor show that aims to sit somewhere between a roving radio station and a live music video exploring themes of fantasy, masculinity and blacksploitation through a punk and absurdist lens especially for touring community festivals for audiences of all ages.

Created by 3 up and coming Drag King Superstars- Barry Badass (Symone), Sonny Delight (Nina Bowers), Uncle Pete  (Porcha Present) in collaboration with award winning scenographers MHz

Themes Embracing a retro aesthetic [ON AIR] carries audiences on an energetic journey that features familiar characters & music from the blaxploitation era, homages to deceased musical icons, interactive games, kung fu / old way vogue battles and psychedelic local weather reports as a way to ground themselves in the local while transmit out into the stratosphere. The show aims to be interactive, embrace irreverence and be politically charged.  

Their story is rooted in trying to find a frequency that can contain and celebrate blackness, sexuality and masculinity through fugitivity and futurism between themselves and audience comradery they transcend by moment and in the words of Sun Ra “The earth cannot move without music".

Story Gliding through the streets, three wannabe radio stars (celebs!) are armed with an array of futuristic gadgets to find the perfect vibration- driven by the desire to connect to the ancestors and home. Once they find that sweet spot, there’s no time to lose, they set up the booth and get [ON AIR]! Hopefully the show goes off without interference, but there's always disturbance … outer space, cops , boys not always getting along, getting an electric shock….


The radio studio aims to be compact, mobile and graphically bold so it can pop up in multiple contexts; from street corners and shopping centres to green fields.


Creative Team 

Symoné Performer/ Co Director
is queer an alternative circus and performance artist based in Folkestone,U.K from Washington D.C. Her work is about exploring what circus is and could be. Her performance fuse her movement based skills, such as high heel roller skates with hula hoops, pole dance, and voguing, in skilled and interactive shows.  Outside cabaret, she is also a director and creates  live art theatre productions, with two ongoing productions, UTOPIAN (t&c’s apply) and Fierce Flow. Symoné is a Guinness World Record holder, a member of Pecs Drag King Collective, and always has something new up her sleeve to create a sensation



Mhz Designers/Co Directors 

Megahertz is an award winning scenography-centred physical theatre company who devise performances for theatres, big tops, music festivals and DIY spaces.MHz have carved out a reputation for cultivating forward thinking multi artform projects that mesh digital technology, new music and choreographic practice across experimental dance, street dance, aerial and ground based circus. The company's work is rooted in site-specific and immersive productions presented at music festivals and urban locations to audiences from varied age groups and backgrounds. 

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