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Artist Statement

As an interdisciplinary movement performer and live artist, my work tends to focus on exploring what circus is and exploring body architecture. My practice mainly integrates research in psychology, queerness, the human psyche, nature, voyeurism, and playing with the male/female/human gaze. Using my body like a multiversal tool, I integrate voguing, circus, and my voice to explore these above concepts and themetics.

As I create work, I like to consider early on the role of the audience in the room, whether that is they are immersed and involved or what their passive role means. My working style is about exploring collaboration and what care looks like, spending a year working as one of the Artist of Change with ARC Stockton. My work exists in club, gallery, and live art spaces, with experience working with directors and artists such as Lou Robbin, Ursula Martinez, Jérôme Bel, Brian Lobel, Louise Orwin, Travis Alabanza, Taylor Mac, Reed Woolley, and Priya Mistry. I have written pieces for Harry Clayton Wright's book published in 2020, You Otter Know and for Metal Culture's book, In Other Words, published in 2022.

"Symoné subverts the traditional male gaze and invites the audience into her personal space. Symoné's work, a strength of resolution, a rebellion against expectations of what the body and soul can do."

- Broadway Baby

Symone - Live Artist

Photography by Ellen Wilson, "The Fight" commissioned by Deda Theatre performed in collaboration with Sky Flow Artist

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