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Hula Hoop Coaching 

Need support on technique or your creative process? I can help!

I coach ALL levels - newbies and experts!

Symoné is a cabaret and circus performer, working primarily with hula hoops with 7 years experience and a Guinness World Record under her belt. She has taught around the UK and Europe, most notably multiple hula hoop workshops, hoop mandalas and hoop dance.  With an non-traditional circus background, she believes in pushing her students and making them feel like they can achieve the "impossible".

Coaching Choices

Hula Hoop 101: Ask a Question

Ask me a question and I will help your technique and challenge your creativity to help you progress;


Example Questions;

- How can I improve my flow?

- I need feedback on my hula hoop performance.

- I can't keep the hoop on my waist!

- How can I do a four box split?

- My lower back hurts when I hoop, how can I prevent this?


For better results, after your booking has been accepted, please send any video footage to support your question so I can better advise.

£10 per question

Hula Hoop 1-2-1 Video Calls

Join me online for a 1 hour personalised training session! 

Your choice of a 3, 2, or 1 course meal;

- Fitness Hula Hooping: Get a full body work out. You'll learn how to isolate different areas and support in adding unique dance footwork to increase control, endurance, and coordination. 

- Tricks: Learn single or multiple hula hoop style tricks, and how to mend tricks in a sequence. Receive exercises for technique and creative development to stylise your moves to suit you. 

- Flow: Get support to creatively move with your hoop by connecting a sequence of tricks and/or dance moves together. Get support on how to find and/or challenge your movement style.

£45 per hour

Level Up Hoop Course:

3 Month Hoop Plan and Coaching Support

Want to fast track your hoop progress?

You will be provided a personalised lesson plan consisting of instructional exercises (video and written form) to help support you towards your goals. You will receive two monthly 20 minute check ins via zoom and homework to help you progress. 

Examples of goals;

- Act development and directional support

- Progressing fluidity and freestyle movement

- Learning single or multiple hula hoop skills

- Fitness training regime 

£125 for One Plan (recommended goals 3-5)

When contacting me, please provide details on what kind of support, your skill level, what you're interested in learning, and any injuries or disabilities I should be aware of.

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Symone Hula Hoop.jpg
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