Symoné is one of the U.K.'s most popular cabaret performers. Her skill set is a combination of multiple hula hooping, rollarskating and dance. She continues owning her roots as an underground club dancer in high end shows, combining dance styles such as voguing and dancehall in feel good circus routines. Renown for cleverly combining dance, rollarskating and hula hooping, Symoné is a versatile performer with 7 years of professional performing experience under her belt.


She is a professional instructor and choreographer. Symoné runs a series of "werkshops" uniquely combining hula hooping, dance and fitness. Her two chapters are "Hoop x Danchall" and "Hoop x Vogue" with Jay Jay Revlon and Sophia Mackay. 

Symoné has a Guinness World Record with The Majorettes for, "spinning the most hoops simultaneously". She can currently spin 50 hoops at one time. ​Though based in London, her work has taken her to over 8 different countries. Most famously working with Omi and Machel Montano in their hit 2016 song, "Hula Hoop" in the Caribbean to the West End Theatre in London with La Soirée in 2018. Symonés feel good upbeat performances will have you clapping your hands and shaking your hips along with her!

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