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A Dream Within A Dream

What will you choose?

a mixed reality experience about identity, memories, and nostalgia

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A Dream Within A Dream is a glitchy sensorial mixed reality experience - part road trip video game, part durational video installation piece - that plunges audiences into a world of glowing screens and pulsing immersive sound. As the journey gradually reveals itself, a new space is opened up for reflecting on identity, the body, memories, and dreaming.


Read the full Info Pack here 

Watch the trailer here

Created in collaboration with Sammy Metcalfe. Produced by Sarah Julia Clarke.

Supported using public funding by Arts Council England. With additional support from Screen South, Hi3 Network, Collusion, Attenborough Arts Centre, Marlborough Productions, Raze Collective and Queercall Festival.

“It made me think about the burden of memory, how sometimes I really wonder if the way I am is because of one small moment from my childhood. how if I’ve been chiseled down to something human sized and human fitting, ya know?”

- Audience Member


Highway to Infinity Videogame

Presentations and Events

• WIP Event, Attenborough Arts Centre, Leicester
• WIP Event, Queer Clash Diary, Artsadmin and Raze Collective
• WIP Event, QUEERCALL, Folkstone
• Webinar: A Journey into Immersive Video Game Creation with Symoné & Sammy Metcalfe (19 December 2023)
• Panel: ‘Artist in Conversation’ at UCA Canterbury, exploring queerness in gaming/gaming as queer art,
Herbert Read Gallery (19 February 2024)
• Panel: BLACK to the FUTURE: The Other in Fantasy, Panel at the British Library (8 February 2024)

​For more information and bookings please contact -

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