Performances and set acts


Symoné is avalible for freestyle and walkabout hula hooping and rollarskating. She has a variety of set acts and is able to develop cabaret or hula hoop acts for specifically themed events.



Symoné's 60s hula hoop act is energetically sensual. A Hendrix tribute to 'Foxy Lady', Symoné performs this act with a single hoop she works her way up to a stack for 30+ hoops! 

Brazilian Fire

This is a powerfully upbeat and interactive hoop act that brings the life of carnival on the stage! Symoné performs this act with multiple hoops and a large stack of hoops. (30+!) Audience participation optional.


Voguging, disco, and sass, Symoné performs this hoop act channelling Donna Summer's attitude on stage. This energetic piece combines dancing with multiple hoops. This act is an audience favourite. 

The Soul Sisters

Symoné and Miss Pearl the Whirl's duo disco act is filled with multiple hoops, LED hoops, glitter, and attitude. The duo express a story of two disco queens combining energy, dance styles - double trouble!

Audience participation optional.

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